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How you’ll learn to play guitar

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Enjoy a guided musical education that sticks. Grasp the basics with step-by-step lessons.

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Start playing with confidence. Advance your skills with interactive practice sessions.

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Learn by doing what you love. Learn to play guitar with your favorite songs from day one.

Guitar lessons designed by experts

Learn from the best as you explore lessons, courses, and practice sessions which have been designed by educational experts and professional guitarists.

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Want to start seriously improving? Then stop playing along to videos and start practicing with real-time feedback.

We correct you as you play, so you advance at lightning speeds.

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Learn guitar the easy way — play the songs you love

Make learning easy by playing your favorite songs from day one. Your curriculum includes iconic tracks from the get-go so you can get in the zone and learn intuitively.

Skinny Love- cover
Skinny Love
High Hopes- cover
High Hopes
Tribute- cover
Tenacious D
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5 stars rating
Picture ofSpencer Price

One of the best apps to learn guitar with. Easy to follow, easy to navigate, and a great tool for guitarists of all levels.

Spencer Price
5 stars rating
Picture ofDaniel Owens

I was a little sceptical at first, not having the best luck learning by app. But immediately things started clicking and making sense. I have progressed so much just over a few days.

Daniel Owens

Our Educators

Picture of Sophie Lloyd

Sophie is one of the most prolific guitarists on the world wide web, a trailblazer who is redefining the concept of a “bedroom” guitarist. Sophie graduated from the prestigious BIMM in London, and has since built a huge online following of students.

Sophie Lloyd

Guitarist and Composer

Picture of Frank Folgmann

Frank's is a virtuoso blues and jazz guitarist. With his charming playing, he shines both in his projects and in international engagements. He sees himself as a door opener for his students to show them ways how they can unlock their full potential.

Frank Folgmann

Guitarist and Educator

Picture of Bernth Brodträger

Bernth dedicates his whole life to music, constantly pushing himself to what he can do and express as a player. Bernth has built his incredible playing skills using a consistent practice plan over the years, which he's also teaching all his students.

Bernth Brodträger

Guitarist and Educator

Picture of Andreas Erd

With the guitar, you can create one of the most exciting and unique combinations of melody, harmony, and rhythm. Blending these aspects in different ratios, depending on what sound you want to achieve, inspires Andreas and is what he tries to teach.

Andreas Erd

Guitarist and Educator

Picture of Helmut Kirisits

Helmut is a multifaceted, all-rounder guitarist and music composer with extraordinary skills. As a musicologist and teacher, his goal is to broaden his students' horizon and support them to reach their goals efficiently while saving time when learning.

Helmut Kirisits

Guitarist and Musicologist

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