Heavy metal is a major subspecies of rock music centered around distorted amplified guitars, but with less blues influence, and with more virtuosity, showmanship, and brute force.

All About Metal!

Heavy metal developed in the late 1960s, mainly in the United Kingdom, influenced by blues rock and psychedelic rock. The pioneering metal bands developed a thick, massive sound by highly amplified distorted guitars, power chords, generally 8th or 16th note beats, and overall loudness. A typical metal band includes a drummer, a bassist, a rhythm guitarist, a lead guitarist, and a singer, who sometimes is one of the instrumentalists too.

"Heavy metal is a universal energy, it's the sound of a volcano."

Billy Corgan

By the 1990s, in almost every subgenre of heavy metal also synthesizers were used. Most heavy metal songs feature a guitar solo, often virtuosic, and at high speeds. Another genre typical playing technique is palm muting, especially for heavy rhythm riffs.


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