Real learning takes time.

Our members know we’re not here to simply teach you a few riffs and a couple of songs.

We’re here to teach you how to properly play your guitar.

But, we’re not for everyone.

Are We the Right Guitar App For You?

We’re not for everyone.

But, if you want to:

  • Better express yourself through music
  • Perfect your musical techniques
  • Play your favorite songs
  • Truly master your instrument
  • Stop playing the same 3 riffs for all eternity

Then you should join us.

Guitar Learning, Approached from Every Angle

We tackle learning from every angle because that’s how versatile guitarists are made.

So, we’ll teach you how to play your instrument with our:

  • Expert-designed, step-by-step Learn Path that teaches you the basics and beyond
  • Advanced AI technology that gives you real-time feedback on your playing
  • Daily guitar workouts that ensure you’re constantly improving
  • Specialized courses covering everything from shredding and improvisation, to scales and the basic chords
  • Practice sessions which focus on improving your technique

Ready to get started?

Great. We’re looking forward to teaching you how to master your guitar.