Master an iconic folk rock hit, take your improvisation skills to the next level, and enjoy a more precise tuner in our December update! Discover more below.

Play House of the Rising Sun

Made famous by the Animals, did you know that the House of the Rising Sun is actually a traditional folk song? Coined as the world’s first ‘folk rock hit,’ you can learn to play it in ‘Rhythm Practice VI.’

Get improvising

In your new ‘Improvising Practice V’ lesson, you’ll deepen your jamming skills. How? By playing fresh melodic patterns from the pentatonic scale along to different jam tracks. You’ll also learn more about the root note and how to use it to boost your improvisation skills.

Tune to perfection

We’ve improved the tuner’s speed and accuracy making it easier for you to hit the right notes. So, enjoy a more seamless tuning experience next time you start turning the pegs!

Ask us anything

If you have a guitar-related question you want answering, drop us an email at One of our experts will answer it in our upcoming Ask us Anything video (we'll send you the link when it's uploaded!).

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