From a new chord to a well-loved song and our favorite LGBTQI+ artists, we’ve got loads in store for you this June!

Join the Pride Celebrations

To celebrate Pride Month, we’re championing our favorite LGBTQI+ artists across all of our social channels throughout June.

From St. Vincent to Billie Joe Armstrong, Pete Shelley to Anna Calvi, come join the party on our Instagram at @Fretello_music .

Master a new chord and some slick progressions!

Ready to play new chords, progressions, and strumming techniques? In the latest Learn Path update you’ll:

  1. Master the A minor chord
  2. Conquer a host of dynamic power chord progressions
  3. All while picking up some new strumming techniques

Ready to get started? Then unlock Level 17 and let the fun begin!

Play Happy Birthday

We’ve added Happy Birthday to our song library so you’ll always be in demand once the cake comes out!

Enjoy serenading your loved ones on their special day...just don’t forget to bring your guitar with you! 😉

Playing guitar isn’t about unlocking any hidden talents. Anyone can become a proficient guitarist. By practicing with us as little as 20 minutes a day you’ll be able to:

  • Express yourself through music
  • Play the songs you love
  • Master your instrument
  • Stop playing the same 3 riffs for all eternity