Could you use some good news right now? Music accompanies us through good and bad times, and can be a source of power. Our community continued learning how to express themselves through music. Look what our Fretello users achieved in the last month and let's make the most of March together!

On average Fretello users completed 6 Fretello lessons per week! Not bad, right?

In total, all Fretello users played guitar for more than 230 days in February. Way to go!

New units in the Learn Path

In spring the world comes to life, and in level 26 of the Learn Path, your guitar skills will, too! Prepare for bright chords, new skills and exciting discoveries. Add a major chord to your collection, and a new cadence to learn how to create cheerful sounds like in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”! Learn how to improvise to any song. To do that, discover how to find the key of a song, and put this knowledge to practice as you explore multiple music genres. In Strumming Practice, you’ll learn how dead notes bring rhythms to life and how to play them.

Meet Abaddon and his success story!

"I have struggled to learn guitar since I began at the age of 12. I spent a lot of money on professional tutors and lessons and got nowhere. I came upon Fretello by accident and took a change. I learned more in one day than I had in 20 days. Their system is a series of video courses that only take a few minutes. You can go at your own pace. They teach everything from tuning to shredding, frets and more. Give Fretello a try – you won’t regret it!"