Fretello has arrived on macOS Big Sur and is primed to run on Apple’s new M1! Apple’s recently announced Mac hardware helps deliver the smoothest Fretello experience possible, which is exciting news for Apple fans. The Universal App includes native binaries that run on both Intel chips and M1, Apple’s first chip designed specifically for the Mac. As a result, Fretello fans can enjoy their favorite guitar teaching app across all Apple devices, allowing a uniquely convenient guitar-learning experience with lesson progress that stays synced no matter where and when you choose to learn with Fretello.  

“We are taking advantage of the power of the Apple’s new M1, Core ML, and the Apple Neural Engine to provide the invaluable feedback guitar players need to step up their guitar game,” says Wolfgang Damm, Fretello CTO and Co-Founder.

As Marc Perello, Fretello’s iOS developer, explains, “Apple made sure, with the DTK program, that developers had early access to M1 hardware to ensure great experiences for customers. It was incredibly easy to build and test Fretello on macOS Big Sur running on M1 and allowed us to get the App up and running in a matter of hours."

Available also for iPhone and iPad, Fretello’s support for macOS Big Sur means that the app’s world-leading AI technology and real-time feedback is even better equipped to help you meet your guitar-learning goals.

Fretello works in unison with powerfully innovative technology to make your guitar-learning experience truly accessible and approachable.

There’s never been a better time than now to meet your guitar goals! “With the right tools, the right guidance, and positive affirmations, anybody can learn guitar.”