Fretello Partner Program

Fretello partners with players from the music industry to provide our next generation guitar teaching solution to their customers.

Partner Types


You want to make sure that your customers’ songs live forever

By teaching our users how to play their favorite songs, Fretello helps your customers to reach more people with their music. We create and distribute sheet music for our apps and generate additional revenue.


You want to grow your fan base by sharing your guitar knowledge

For guitarists, who want to grow their audience by sharing their guitar skills, Fretello provides a way of sharing tutorials, exercises and guitar tricks. We collaborate with you to scope deals and co-sell your guitar workouts.


You want to provide musicians with great guitar gear they use

For guitar manufacturers and merchants, Fretello helps to identify upsell opportunities. We make sure that our customers buy your gear, and that your customers become returning customers in the future.

Interested to hear more?

Email partners@fretello.com