If you are a budding guitarist, you might need a guitar learning app like Fretello for learning to play conveniently. Besides, you should also take great care of your beloved instrument. Proper care should be taken to ensure that your guitar lasts long. Here are a few helpful tips that you should keep in mind for guaranteeing the long-term use of guitar.

Don’t Expose It to Extreme Temperature and Humidity Change

Most of the guitars have a structural composition of wood which can be affected by humidity and temperature. If the guitar is exposed to a change in humidity or extreme temperature, the wood may experience a drastic change, and it can affect the shape and sound of your guitar.

Don’t Clean with Water

Water is known as a cleaning agent, but you cannot use it to clean your guitar. Remember that no guitar is waterproof and hence it would be a terrible idea to use water for cleaning the guitar.

Don’t Use Soap, Furniture Polish or Window Cleaner

We know that you love your guitar, and you want to keep its finish clean and shiny, but you should be careful in using the cleaning products. Applying soap can be damaging. Similarly, you cannot use window cleaner or furniture polish to keep the guitar’s’ surface shining. These things can be damaging to the instrument.

Don’t Wipe It With Paper Towel or Tissue

Tissue, paper towel or any other abrasive material can leave marks and scratches on the surface of your guitar. You should only use microfiber or cotton to wipe the guitar.

Don’t Use Compressed Air to Dust the Guitar

Using compressed air to dust the guitar can be damaging for your guitar. It can ruin the finish and hence affect the outlook of your favorite instrument.

Here you can get professional guitar cleaning products for little money. Remember these points, take care of your guitar, and it will surely last for a longer duration of time.