Iconic Guitars are famed for creating stunning hybrid guitars that fuse vintage forms with modern functionality. But now they’re applying their refreshingly innovative approach to the world of pedals.

Introducing Iconic Guitar’s first-ever pedal: The I-Scream Overdrive.

The I-Scream Overdrive

Iconic Guitar’s first pedal, the I-Scream Overdrive, has been finely crafted to complement any guitar or amp it’s paired with. The secret sauce? The “scream” knob. When switched on, the scream adds sustain and an impressively clean compression effect to your sound, making it suitable for use in a host of different settings.

What’s more, the pedal’s tone knob is sweepable, meaning you can fine-tune your sound to a striking level of precision. Few pedals offer such a high degree of flexibility. When used in combination with the scream function, the pedal releases a powerful tonal range that is simply unrivaled.

Keen to get your hands on one? Then read on.

How to Win Your Own Iconic Guitar I-Scream Overdrive

Ready to enter a new dimension of tonal possibilities and claim an I-Scream Overdrive for yourself? Then all you need to do is go to either our Facebook or Instagram giveaway posts and follow the instructions.

The first-place winner will bag an I-Scream pedal and a 1-year Fretello membership.

The two runners-up will win a 6-month Fretello membership.

Good luck!