This month, we’re teaching you how to write your first song—and we’re giving away a $200 I-Scream pedal!

Embrace the Artist Within

In our latest Learn Path update, you can start composing your own tracks with our new ‘Write a Song I’ unit. But that’s not all.

You’ll also learn a new chord, improve your strumming technique, and enhance your improvisation skills thanks to our additional 3 new modules.

Phew. Good luck on your jam-packed month of playing!

Win a $200 Guitar Pedal

Taking your sound from ‘a gentle tap on the shoulder’ to a ‘full-blown punch in the gut,’ the I-Scream pedal from Iconic Guitars is ready to elevate the way you play.

Interested in grabbing one? Then head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter. We’re even throwing in some Fretello memberships for the top 3 winners—so even more reason to enter ;)

Play Just a Girl with Sophie Lloyd

Sophie’s cover of Just a Girl is phenomenal. But what’s even better is that you can learn to play it in our Play tab. Does your take on it differ from Sophie’s?

Playing guitar isn’t about unlocking any hidden talents. Anyone can become a proficient guitarist. By practicing with us as little as 20 minutes a day you’ll be able to:

  • Express yourself through music
  • Play the songs you love
  • Master your instrument
  • Stop playing the same 3 riffs for all eternity