With these 6 beginner tips for new and aspiring guitarists, we cover a few common mistakes that beginners make when starting out on their guitar journey.

Guitar Tips

It’s always an exciting feeling when that initial surge of motivation to learn a new instrument hits you. While it’s a good idea to take advantage of that inspiration to play guitar, it’s not such a good idea to rush into it without thinking about some important things.

For instance, rushing over to your local music store and purchasing the first mesmerizing guitar that catches your eye might end up being a beginner’s mistake. It’s better to make an informed decision when buying the guitar that you plan on learning with; asking yourself the right questions will help you start with a setup that’s suitable for learning. Another mistake is using the wrong posture while playing, which can lead to exhaustion and even pain. To avoid these, it’s essential to learn the appropriate posture from the outset of your learning experience. Playing too fast is another mistake that beginners make: the fastest way to learn is by playing slowly. Take it slow and eventually, you’ll buildup to the level of skill required to play with speed!

You’ll also want to start with easier songs, as challenging songs can be much too advanced to the point of being frustrating. As a beginner, you don’t want to lose that motivation you started with, so avoid playing hard songs until you’re ready. Another tip is to apply what you learn as soon as you learn it. Waiting too long between skill applications can inhibit your progress, as it’s quite easy to forget something if you haven’t quickly and repeatedly applied it. Finally, you’ll want to learn systematically as a beginner guitarist. Instead of copying from random sources, having a well-structured learning system will organize your development.

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