Lambertones Pickups is leveling the field when it comes to providing access to high-end, quality electric guitar pickups. Lovingly handcrafted in the USA, using a Lambertones pickup instantaneously upgrades your tone and makes you sound like you’re playing a custom-built guitar.

Two of their most popular pickups? The Crema and the Blondie. Here’s why.

The Lambertones Pickups Crema

Lambertones’ flagship humbucker, the Crema pickup boasts an abundance of vintage character that’s been thoughtfully channeled into a contemporary design. Its high-quality compressor and low output mean that if you’re a fan of the early PAF pickup sound from the ‘50s, you’re going to love the way the Crema makes your guitar sing.

Producing a rich tonal medley of crisp yet rich textures and clean, creamy sounds, it’s all too easy to lose track of time when playing with it. We know we did.

The Lambertones Pickups Blondie

The Blondie is a T-style (i.e. Telecaster-style) pickup set for your guitar’s bridge and neck. Clear but not too thin, punchy but not too harsh, the Blondie transmits a smooth, open sound—but with a bit of bite. The ideal pairing for when playing live or in the studio, the bridge produces a powerful lead tone while the neck generates a richer, more soulful timbre.

Dynamic, versatile, and lively, the Blondie packs a zesty punch that’s guaranteed to get you hooked.

How to win your own Lambertones Pickups Blondie

Want to transform your guitar with one of these stunning boutique pickups? Well, good news! We’re currently running a giveaway with Lambertones Pickups and 920D Custom, so you can win the Blondie, a 6-month Fretello subscription, and a 920D Custom T3W-C 3-Way Control Plate. The two runner-ups will also bag a 6-month Fretello membership.

To enter, simply go to either our Facebook or Instagram giveaway posts and follow the instructions. Good luck!