This March, start playing power chords, revamp your guitar with our exclusive giveaways, and claim your Soundbrenner discount!

Unlock your Fretboard with Power Chords

Ready to start playing along  your entire fretboard? In our new Power Chords unit (available on Level 14 of the Learn Path), you’ll learn to navigate your fretboard like a pro. Playing, improvising, and composing will be faster—and more fun!

Enjoy Improved Feedback

Get better feedback as you play thanks to an improved listening technology. This update works especially well for acoustic guitars, but is also an improvement for all electrics! Intrigued? Test it out for yourself at  any of our practice tasks.

New Women’s History Month Playlist

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve put together a new playlist of some of our favorite female artists. Be sure to check it out so you can play along to some of these legendary tracks!

Win T-style Goodies

Ready to seriously upgrade your guitar? We’re giving away a Blondie Lambertones T-style pickup, a 920D T3W-C 3-Way Control Plate, and three 6-month Fretello memberships! Stunning sound quality is just a like away 👍. Click here to enter via Instagram, and here via Facebook.

Master "Hill of the Skull"

Sophie Lloyd is back with a new, killer play-through. If you want to put your skills to the test, let her show you how to play ‘Hill of the Skull’ by rock legend, Joe Satriani. Click here to check it out in the app.

Claim your 20% Soundbrenner Discount

Fretello members can now enjoy 20% off all Soundbrenner wearables. All you need to do is use the code FRETELLO20. But be warned, the discount is only valid for the first 10 users!

Playing guitar isn’t about unlocking any hidden talents. Anyone can become a proficient guitarist with enough practice. With our structured lessons and real-time feedback, you’ll start progressing at your own pace as you learn in a way that sticks.