Fretello’s latest course for guitarists is all about going to basics. With some simple tips and tricks, you will start playing guitar again in the new year. Starting with beginner lessons like how to read tabs and finishing with fun and easy playing techniques, this video will reactivate your guitar skills and set you up for a great 2020.

If you’ve let your guitar playing slip lately, this course is for you. We want you to get yourself back to the way you used to play. Start playing guitar again and jam to the songs you love with all your favorite riffs and licks. To kick things off you will warm up your fingers with some basic fretting techniques. Then, you'll move things along with simple tips on how to refresh your alternate picking, including which way to slant the pick when you hit each string.

We’ve added in some simple challenges to make the exercises more fun, and by the time you’ve finished, you’ll be well on your way to rediscovering your guitar mojo.

Remember, no one’s born a guitar master. But with practice, you’ll regain your skills in no time.

Restart Playing Guitar With Fretello

Start playing guitar in 2020 again and become the guitar player you always wanted to be with Fretello.