The latest video in Fretello’s Quick Lessons series is all about taking the first steps as a beginner guitarist, focusing on simple skills like reading tabs, understanding the key parts of your guitar and discovering how to sit with your guitar to improve posture.

First Guitar lesson

Tabs are generally regarded as the best way for beginners to learn guitar because they’re easier to grasp the basics of reading sheet music, and this video uses live tutorials and interactive graphics to explain them simply and quickly. Even if you’ve never read tabs before, you’ll soon learn by using this video alongside the beginner courses in the Fretello app.

We’ll also take you on a visual tour of your guitar, pointing out key features of both electric and acoustic guitars including the fretboard, body, bridge, pick-ups, soundhole, headstock and tuning keys. By better understanding the key components of your guitar, you’ll be able to master the basics of playing it more easily.

Then to finish, we’ll show you some important things to consider while sitting and playing your guitar to help improve posture. These simple tips include how to use a guitar strap effectively, which leg to place your guitar on, and how to relax your fingers when you’re gripping the fretboard.

If you want to learn more simple guitar skills and discover hundreds of new exercises to practice, download the Fretello app and check out our fun and simple guitar courses. You’ll discover lots more beginner skills such as how to tune your guitar and the basics of rhythm.

Remember, no one is born a guitar master. But with regular practice, you’ll soon become the guitar player you’ve always wanted to be!

Learn Guitar With Fretello

Want to improve your guitar skills or get from Zero to Hero in no time? Then check out our app! The Fretello app’s fun and simple guitar courses will teach you simple riffs, shapes and skills that will soon get you playing the guitar!