Have you ever tried to replicate an amazing part of a song, and, despite knowing exactly how to play it, can’t seem to get it to sound right? Chances are that you need to improve your rhythm. Having a reliable sense of rhythm is something that distinguishes experienced musicians from amateur ones. Some people might take it for granted, but identifying the beat is key to playing with good timing. This, in turn, prevents you from getting lost in the music and becoming out of sync.

So, how do we improve rhythm? Well, the easiest way to do it is to practice with a metronome. A metronome keeps track of timing for you, and as a mechanical device, is accurate and consistent. It forces you to pay attention to where the beat is and prevents you from rushing or dragging the beat.  

But the metronome benefits don't end there. A metronome also helps you hold notes for their whole intended amount and play in tempo when the beat is subdivided into smaller notes, such as eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and even thirty-second notes. Identifying these smaller rhythmic points in-between the beats will ensure that you hold rhythmic accuracy while playing, which is an important skill for all musicians.

A metronome is essential when practicing technique, like playing scale patterns, arpeggios, and motifs. You can use one to start slow and build speed in a controlled manner, giving your muscles time to memorize the movements properly. That’s also a key principle in the practice tab of Fretello, as it gives you progress as long as you regularly practice that way.

One of our favorite metronomes is the Soundbrenner watch. This is the watch that every musician should use, because it communicates the tempo via its vibration functionality. Unlike other metronomes, Soundbrenner lets you enjoy the music you are playing without having to worry about covering the sound of your metronome. So if you find it challenging to stay focused on playing your music and listening to the metronome tempo at the same time, then this watch is a must-have. Also, the Soundbrenner Core lets you set your BPM, time signatures, and multiple features directly on the watch while still providing other features like seeing the time and accepting and declining calls.  

It is no secret that practicing can help you improve your skill, but practicing well is what makes progress. As the famous quote from Vince Lombardi says, “practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” A great way to improve your practice and make the most out of those hours you put in is to practice with a metronome. We promise you will not regret it when you notice that you can finally play that amazing part of your favorite song and have it sound just the way you want it to.