February has arrived with fresh learning content, a new song, and an exciting giveaway in store! Read on to find out more.

Become an Improvisation Pro

Yes, we’ve done it again. Our Learn Path just keeps on growing! Our new units will teach you:

- How to improvise so you can start using the Practice Tab with confidence

- A new chord that’ll allow you to play hundreds of new songs

How to Wow your Valentine

Forget the cheesy gift cards and chocolates. This Valentine’s Day, impress your loved one by learning a song from our new Valentine’s Day playlist. We’ll walk you through each tune step-by-step, so you’ll be able to serenade your special someone for hours! Grab your guitar and fall in love with the music. You can thank us for it later!

Take on a New Challenge

Now, it wouldn't really be a Fretello update without a new song in our app! This month, we’re introducing ‘Made of Wax,’ one of our favorite Sophie Lloyd songs. Once you hear it, you’ll be eager to master it.

Win a Soundbrenner Core Watch

Freebie alert! Soundbrenner Core smart watches are transforming how musicians play. A vibrating metronome, tuner, and decibel meter all in one, a lucky winner will take home a Soundbrenner Core watch—and we’ll throw a free Fretello subscription in with it.

The giveaway goes live on February 15th on Instagram and Facebook. A heads-up, you'll need to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to enter 😉

But remember, learning guitar isn’t about unlocking hidden talents. Anyone can become a guitar master with enough practice. So, set some realistic goals and let Fretello help you stick with them. Once you start making progress, you’ll never look back—we promise.