Learning scales is an endeavor that brings a whole variety of benefits to you as a guitarist. Here are the top 7 reasons why practicing your scales should be a top priority!

1. Scales help you recognize the relationship between notes and the location on the guitar

Learning scales is one of the best ways to master your knowledge of the musical notes and their corresponding locations on the guitar strings. This is a fundamental basis for becoming an excellent guitarist.

2. Scales help your ability to learn songs by building finger strength

The techniques you use when playing scales actually aid in strengthening your finger and hand muscles. In turn, this further assists in your overall ability to learn and become good at performing new songs.

3. Learning songs is much faster if you practice scales

As you become better at your guitar scales, you’ll be surprised at how much quicker you’ll learn and memorize songs! Songs are generally written in a particular key, and this key has a scale. As a result, by knowing the scale really well, you’ll become more in tune with the piece as a whole.

4. Solos and riffs consist of patterns coming directly from scales

When playing guitar solos and riffs, realize that the notes being used for these often come directly from scales! As a result, by being good at scales, you’ll naturally become better at performing solos and riffs as well.

5. Chords are constructed with the notes in a scale, so you learn them faster

Notes from scales are combined to create the chords you so commonly play as part of many guitar pieces. What this means is that as you improve at scales, you’ll also pick up new chords quicker and more effectively.

6. Scales provide a framework to write your own songs

Understanding notes that flow well together and are musically sound allows you to have a strong foundation for composing your own songs. Thus, they’re a great starting point to building out a tune, chords, and more.

7. The first step reading music on the guitar is knowledge of scales

Being able to read sheet music is a fantastic skill that will be the envy of your fellow guitar players. One of the best ways to learn how to do this is to understand why and how scales are important.

Master your guitar scales with Fretello Lead and you’re well on your way to becoming a truly great guitar player!