Guitar courses are here. The Fretello 2.1 update brings you a brand new guitar learning system and gives you more control over your practice sessions.

Introducing Guitar Courses

Designed to suit whatever stage you’re at on your guitar journey, we’ve created an exciting new course of lessons teaching you everything from the basics of guitar technique and rhythm to open string melodies and power chords.

You’ll learn how to play tabs and master the fretboard, and everything else in-between.

Learn guitar with interactive courses

Customize Your Practice Sessions

Also, you can now fully customize your practice sessions in the app by choosing the key, scale, shape, and technique you want to play in. So basically, the way you learn is completely down to you.

As a result, you get easier access to all 15,000 guitar exercises, which are all full of tips on how to improve your guitar sessions.

Practice guitar with customizable practice sessions

Release Date

The update will be available for iOS on April 24th, 2019, and for Android a few days later. We hope you will enjoy the new improvements.