We have selected Righteous Sound Pickups as this month's best product. We’ve been great fans of their pickups for some time, and we wanted to introduce them to you.

The first one we want to shed light on is their recently introduced Patent 64 set.

The Patent Sticker pickups were the transitional sets from PAF to T-Top. They share some of the best characteristics of each design and are considered the “hidden gems” amongst pickup connoisseurs.

Their set is a replica of a 1964 Patent Sticker set. These have a smoother tone in comparison to the T-Top while having the fuller midrange and treble bite of a PAF with tighter bass response.

They will make your 335 sing and will replicate those coveted classic Clapton tones.

Features butyrate bobbins wound with vintage accurate red polyol wire and loaded with custom formulated short Alnico 4 or Alnico 5 magnets.

Our other favorite is one that redefines clarity.

The 1991 Gazing set is designed for pedal players who demand a wide palette of tones with maximum clarity. Whether you play with a modeler or an amp, these pickups will enhance your sound and inspire you to meet the needs of the modern guitar player.

The neck pickup is modeled after a vintage Jazzmaster pickup. The thinner coil produces a distinct sound. The high frequencies are prominent and clear. The lows add warmth to round out the overall tone.

The bridge pickup is a unique design that is a culmination of years of experimenting and refining. Asymmetrical coils wound with unconventional wire gauges and an Alnico 6 magnet result in a humbucker that is unlike anything available on the market today. It is creamy, crystalline, and harmonically rich. The highs are reminiscent of a single coil. The midrange sits between a PAF and Tele bridge. The low frequencies are tight and similar to a Filtertron.

Some of the magic lies in the middle position. When blending the two, it opens a new world of tonal possibilities, unlocking the full potential of your pedals.

The 1991 Gazing set is unrivaled and the new standard for the modern player, excelling in articulation and response. It is a perfect match for clean ambient tones while remaining clear under heavy fuzz. They will have you gazing at your shoes for hours.

Needless to say, we are more than excited to partner with Righteous Sound Pickups in offering you some of their sets as this month’s giveaway! Please check out this link on Facebook and this one on Instagram for details on how to participate in the giveaway.