It’s Holiday Season, and you can change how you do things this season by learning music. Whether you pick up on Sophie Llody’s Bulletproof Revolver or spice your guitar skills with the new units on the Learn Path, Fretello is bringing great updates so that you can improve your guitar game this holiday season.

Thrilling Updates in the Learn Path

Improve your guitar skills by learning what’s new in the Learn Path. Three new units await your exploration. Uncover the skill of improvising, which is easy to learn even for beginners! Learning to improvise will help you understand music better, enabling you to play melodies spontaneously, play with other musicians, and improve your guitarist skills.

Seamless Access on M1 and More

No need to worry about streaming your guitar lessons on one device. Enjoy seamless streaming across all Apple mac hardware. Improve your skillset on Fretello whenever you want and wherever you are. So go ahead and check Fretello on M1 and macOS Big Sur for a memorable experience.

Sparkle and Shine Alongside Bulletproof Revolver

As the holiday season kicks in, spruce up your home with Christmas decorations while learning Sophie Llody’s song Bulletproof Revolver. Watch her YT video playthrough to understand the song much better for easier learning. Or, if you want to stick with the sound of the season, our Christmas playlist is a mood setter to begin your December cheer. Go check it out.

Continuous Practice, No Disruptions

Enjoy sessions of uninterrupted music practice with our all-new practice mode. This soon-to-be-launched improvement will keep you in rhythm as you fret the strings when you practice.

Give the Gift of Music

How about sharing music as a Christmas present? Give our brand-new gift cards to your loved ones or treat yourself to the learning of a lifetime. Have those dear to you go through some happy holidays.

Grab an Early Present from Our Giveaway

We’re into the giving spirit, and you can win yourself our Righteous Sound Pickups giveaway. For details on how to participate in the giveaway, please check out this post on Facebook and this one on Instagram. If you want to discover all about our partner and learn why we absolutely love their pickups, check out this link. Oh, and be sure to check out our social media channels; we will have more giveaways coming soon this month 😉.