Jamming with others sounds like some sort of voodoo that only the most gifted guitarists can unlock, right? Something that you either have what it takes or don’t. Well, that's not true at all. It’s not rocket science, anyone can learn it. Jamming is like learning a new language; you first need to learn the words so you can start forming sentences.

Throughout this course, you are gonna learn a handful of easy, manageable patterns consisting of only 4 notes that you can use for songs in the most popular keys. Now let’s make that head and hands in sync, let’s start to improvise!

Improvising on Guitar With Scales

The minor pentatonic scale will help you to understand, play, and improvise to a variety of rock and blues solos. Start learning with this lesson on the first pattern of the scale, the La Shape.

Learn Guitar With Fretello

Check out the interactive course with plenty of examples, practical exercises and fun backing tracks in our app.