This month, we’re championing the power of eighth rests, music theory, and iconic emo rock anthems.

Silence is golden

We know that often, silence speaks volumes.

So, in our latest Learn Path upgrade, you’ll learn how to use eighth rests to create more impactful pauses while playing.

Ready to add greater rhythmic versatility to the way you play? Then you’ll find this exciting new lesson in Level 16 of the Learn Path.

Tip of the month

Getting to grips with music theory gives you a greater understanding of how music works.

By understanding the language of music, you can experience greater creative freedom when you play.

Remember: Theory is a tool, not a prison.

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Play an emo anthem

Hide the eyeliner!

We’re going full-on emo with our latest in-app song: ‘Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly’ by HIM.

Let Sophie Lloyd show you how to play this legendary riff on our YouTube channel before learning it in our ‘Play’ tab.

Playing guitar isn’t about unlocking any hidden talents. Anyone can become a proficient guitarist. By practicing with us as little as 20 minutes a day you’ll be able to:

  • Express yourself through music
  • Play the songs you love
  • Master your instrument
  • Stop playing the same 3 riffs for all eternity