Can you believe that it’s already October? This month we’ve got Zombie Dance—a Sophie Lloyd song release that’s quite fitting for Halloween—not to mention some productive updates to the Learn Path and iOS 14 and macOS. Read on!

Get spooky with Zombie Dance

One of the cool things about being a Fretello user is getting a fresh new Sophie Lloyd song to learn each month. This time is extra special: her song Zombie Dance is being released at the perfect time of year. Watch Sophie’s play-through video and then learn how to play her song in the app!

What’s new in the Learn Path?

The Learn Path is an ever-evolving guitar learning experience. Following its latest updates, you’ll find new practice units like one about Strumming Patterns that go with many songs. Don’t take our word for it—go explore.

Enjoy the latest Apple OS updates

Your Fretello experience just got even better on iOS 14 and macOS. With new sidebar and system components, syncing across devices is more seamless than ever. So make sure you're on the latest versions of iOS and macOS to see and feel the difference!

Always remember, learning guitar is not a matter of hidden talents. Everybody can learn it. So set realistic plans, start your journey with Fretello, and stick with it. We promise you that it will pay off when you realize the big steps you are taking in your guitar journey. Sign up now and start your guitar journey today!